Corona Guidelines

Covid-19 is a social justice issue that overwhelmingly touches queer people, especially from communities of color, migrant communities, working-class communities, communities fighting against colonialism and war, the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions and other vulnerabilities.

Our pride march is attended by many that are suffering from these vulnerabilities. So we will be walking in solidarity and care towards each other. By joining our pride march you agree to get tested for covid-19 on the same day and if you are feeling ill or have any covid, mpx or other symptoms we ask you to please not join the demo.

While masks will not be enforced, they are encouraged. Ordner*innen and the organizing team will also carry some extra masks: please ask them for these if you need them. We ask you to wear one to protect disabled queers and the most vulnerable in our community.

Solidarity and mutual care is our biggest strength. Let’s keep each other safe!