Organize a block!

The Internationalist Queer Pride for Liberation would like to invite all those who share our politics to organise their own blocks during the march.

How to organise a block?

  • Contact us and include a short description of what you want to do and what for.
  • Mobilise people in your community or network to join you. (We can help you to write the call and we will spread it).
  • Prepare your banners or your forms of expression. (Contact us for anything you need)
  • Show up and march with us.

We welcome all radical anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-capitalist liberation blocks. But this is still a queer march, thus, where possible, it is important for the blocks to favour their 2SLGBTIQ+ members in leadership positions and to include queer and transfeminist perspectives in their messages.

Block invitations

6Rang Block

Our Goal in 6Rang (The Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network) is to raise awareness on SOGIESC, and eradicate homophobia and transphobia.

We believe due to the Islamic Republic’s discriminatory gender-based laws and codes favouring heterosexual males above others, lesbian and transgender citizens are the most marginalised within an already marginalised segment of Iran’s population.
That is why we invite you all, no matter which community you belong, come, and join us. we are stronger together.

This common pain never going to be treated separately.

Jewish Bund Block

The Jewish Bund celebrates its fabulous queerness and invites fellow Jewish queers, queer Jews, Jewish princesses, queens, kings and criminal queers, your loved ones and your pets, to join our block at the Internationalist Queer Pride!

We will as always be celebrating our radical dissident histories and our decolonial futures of sexual liberation, gender anarchy, racial justice, smashed capitalism, class-free society, and blossoming nature!

Slava Block

CoLiberation and friends invite you to reinvent and celebrate Eastern-European Queerness. Without border divisions and neocolonial ideas of what queer means to us. No war (but class war). No borders, no nations, no flags (but Pride flags). Queer Solidarity.

Queer liberation is class struggle. With our block we stand in solidarity with all those most affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the entire military industrial complex.

We are the ones reviving queer lives in the Eastern European context. We are here to bring into being the lost Eastern European queerness, including that of the many minorities of the region that got nipped in the bud by Christianity. Let’s discover and reinvent our pre-Christian roots now and come together in the face of a new wave of fascist policies, imperialism, capitalism and social divisions.

We stand in solidarity with all oppressed and marginalised people. Let’s unite in a fight against colonial powers and white supremacy.

We want to have a ball and rejoice in a revolutionary, radically queer and transfeminist Eastern-European Block. Join us at the Internationalist Queer Pride for Liberation on July 23rd.

Queer siblings with ties to Eastern Europe are welcome to join us in the march. Please respect the no-national-flag policy.

Palestinian FLINTA* Block

Palestine Speaks Berlin, BDS Berlin and a collective of independent Palestinian Queers and Feminists invite you to join our march for liberation in the Palestinian FLINTA* Block.

We the Palestinian FLINTA* denounce the misuse of Queer Liberation Struggle and Queer Pride to pinkwash the Settler-Colonialist project and Apartheid State “Israel”. We will take to the streets to denounce decades of anti-Palestinian repression in Germany and demonstrate the brutal state and military violence against our indigenous people in historical Palestine, the Land Theft, the Cultural appropriation and the threat of our existence as a people. Patriarchy, Trans-hatred and Homo-hatred are products of Colonialism. Join us in the loud and clear call for a Free Palestine!

Free of Colonialism.. Free of Hate!

The disability pride block

We invite internationalist 2SLGBTIQ+ people with all sorts of disabilities to join our block. PLEASE MESSAGE US / CONTACT US TO JOIN IN PREPARATIONS AND BUILD COMMUNITY! SPREAD THE MESSAGE TO YOUR DISABLED FRIENDS!

People with mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and “invisible” disabilities, sensory disabilities, chronic illnesses — all are included and encouraged to join.
People without a formal diagnosis are absolutely welcome too.
Disabled QTIBi_PoC are especially encouraged to take up the space.
You will recognize us by our banner, you are welcome to join us at any moment.

There will be a space made available for you to rest if you need to, without having to leave the march.


The Sahrawi Block for Liberation

We invite the Sahrawi queers and their allies to march together with us for a Free Western Sahara! For a Sahrawi, queer and transfeminist revolution! 

We’re here to reaffirm our historical existence as queer and trans folks inside of the Sahrawi society. To take a stand against patriarcal violence, capitalist violence and colonial violence. We refuse the moroccan-washing of our history and identities, as well as the ongoing military occupation, settler colonialism and extraction in Western Sahara.

We stand with our people who have resisted colonial violence for decades. Those in the occupied territories who were met with police brutality, arrests and censorship. 

Those in the refugee camps who have endured the harsh conditions of the Hamada desert while continuously being disappointed by a failed political process. 

Those who were forced into exile who never got to see their homeland and have dealt with racist immigration policies.

We’re here to say that as long as we exist, our resistance will persist, for the liberation of our people and all peoples, because none of us is free until all of us are free!

Ararat Collective Block

The Ararat collective invites all Armenian and Assyrian queers, friends and all who oppose fascism, colonialism and genocide denialism to join us for queer pride. 

We are Armenians and Assyrians united in our fight against erasure of culture, language and identity. 

We call for accountability for the genocide against the Armenian and Assyrian people, and a right to flourish in our ancestral home in our fullest queer expression. 

We march for our queer siblings in Armenia and denounce the opposition party’s weaponisation of homophobia.  

We recognise that queer Armenians and Assyrians exist wherever our people exist. 

We march in rage and love for our sisters who are targeted by femicide and gendered violence in Afrin, Serê Kaniyê, Shingal, Artsakh in the effort to destroy our communities and our connection to the land.

We stand in solidarity with our comrades in the region and beyond who fight for the liberation of all people. 

Our pride and our roots are inseparable.


Lubunyas in Berlin, come join our Block! Let us mobilize our voices against homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, capitalism, police violence, wars, hate, and oppression! Lubunya is the intersection of being queer and being related to Turkey, be it emotional, familial, or cultural. Our existence and identities are as diverse as the geography we grew up. We are coming rak rak rak! 

We defend peace and fight against war and police violence. We will take to the streets to denounce the Turkish government’s patriarchal and heteronormative hate policies against women and LGBTI+ communities, and its colonial motives in waging war in Kurdistan, as well as the global attacks on migrants, refugees, LGBTQ people, and women’s rights. 

Join us, Lubunya! Let yourself be present, joyful,angry, loud, and proud! 

Our every single walk is a pride walk!

Sex Worker Block

We invite all sex workers and supporters of all genders to join the Sex Worker Block. Together we want to celebrate our shared history and remind everybody, that sex workers still are at the front lines of the struggle for bodily autonomy, sexual liberation and a life without borders and capitalism.

Watch out for the red umbrellas and join us in the Sex Worker Block!

Block for Refugee/Migrant Justice

We invite all who stand against the unequal treatment of refugees and migrants in Germany to join our block.

We are a mutual aid community of BIPoC (Black / Indigenous / people of color) who fled the Russian war in Ukraine and are now based in Germany, and their friends. We are situated in the context of and in solidarity with previous and ongoing anti-racist struggles by migrants/refugees, and accomplices.

Together with other refugees/migrants, and supporters, we march for liberation of all – we demand the abolition of the hierarchization of human lives, of borders, of the militarized nation-state.

We fight for the rights of so-called “third-country nationals” and stateless people who fled the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and who Germany expects to leave Germany after August 31: We demand that ALL refugees be granted rights and protection under the EU-wide directive Paragraph 24 and hence can secure the right to work, study, and stay in Germany.

But beyond this, we condemn the blatant racism of the German and EU border/migration/asylum regime and the unequal treatment of any and all refugees based on country of origin, citizenship, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, ability, or race.

Abolish Racist Migration Policies — Equal Rights for All!

Queer Kurdish Block

The Kurdish block is open to all queer Kurds and allies. We invite all Kurdish people to join our block and take a stand against assimilation, queerphobia and colonialism. We say: those who do not know their own history will not be able to walk into the future. Berxwedan jîyan e!

Jin, Queer, Jîyan, Azadî!

We will have a block with progressive pride flags and Kurdish symbols. A davûl will accompany our block. If you have instruments, bring them. We will also dance Govend (Kurdish dances), because Govend means resistance and life. Em mirovên queerin, em qet na tirsin, heyyyt, tilililliiiiii !!!

Asian Queer Pride Block

*All 2SLGBTIQ+ Asian internationalists are invited to join our march in solidarity with our peoples’ struggles for justice and democracy. Together we stand against exploitation, gender- and caste- based oppression, imperialism, capitalism, anti-Asian hate & terrorism, and against blatant racism especially in the forms of daily micro-aggression.

If you would like to help organise this block, or join it, please contact us! Block organisers would love your support.

Black Queer Block

In the Black queer block we want to celebrate pride and resistance together with all Black and African queers! Our trans siblings in particular have always been at the forefront of the struggle for our liberation and the overcoming of capitalism, imperialism and patriarchy. Let us honour and continue their struggle, let us create a loud, fabulous, militant bloc for African liberation, which also means liberation from the colonial binary gender system and the neo-colonial repression against our siblings on the continent!

Queerphobia is unafrican! Black and queer joy is part of our resistance!

You will recognise us by the red-black-green pan-African flag.


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