Call for IQP2021

Internationalist Queer Pride for Liberation 2021
Anticolonial, antiracist, anticapitalist march

17:00 Hermannplatz

We are here and we are queer — in every shade, size, and shape! We are so much more than the limited imaginations of cis, white, state-sponsored pinkwashing parades and rainbow capitalism.

🌍 We want to live in a world where our genders and sexualities are not used by companies and governments to hide their human rights abuses!
🔨 We want to dismantle racist colonial structures and inequality!
❤️ We want to rethink our world in a revolutionary way: in our hearts, minds, bodies, friendships and relationships!
🌻 We want to take to the streets of Berlin and reflect our beautiful, diverse queer realities in all of th