We did it again!

Dearest comrades, friends, and lovers of the Internationalist Queer Pride for Liberation,

On 22 July 2023 more than 12,000 of us took to the streets to celebrate our defiant existence, rebellious resistance, and the anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist work we do all year round.

Born out of frustration at anti-Palestinian racism prevalent in previous Berlin ‘alternative’ Pride events, the IQPB was created to link our struggles together and centre the voices of global majority communities. To challenge and encourage one another, and to learn and unlearn from each other. To rejoice and celebrate those who are building and living a world foregrounding love — our love of freedom, our love of justice, our love for ourselves, and our love for each other!

For the third year in a row, a coalition of queer individuals and representatives from grassroots activist and community groups joined forces to organise the IQPB. Months of tireless labour, dialogue, exchange, mutual care – and all of your support – made it possible. This year’s protest featured 14 fierce blocs, 13 incendiary speeches, and a line up of powerful artists and performers who challenged our minds, touched our hearts and moved our butts.

To all the people volunteering their time and energy to make IQPB possible, from our awareness team to Ordner*innen, drivers, lawyers, sound technicians, hosts, speakers, artists, performers, banner makers, postering teams, and everyone else:


Your work, your solidarity, and your love are what make IQPB powerful.

Alongside all this massive movement taking place across the city and in our hearts, we also make mistakes and we fuck up. Our sincere apologies go to the Black Liberation Collective (BLC) and Justice for Papatya, the two groups whose blocs we didn’t manage to post on our Instagram account in the final hectic days before the demo.

Our failure to promote the BLC bloc reflects structural anti-Blackness in our organisation, and highlights that we need to work to ensure Black queer movements are front and center in future IQPBs. We take this as an opportunity to learn, to repair mistakes and damaged relationships, and to strive towards creating not just a demo, but an active anti-colonial movement rooted in solidarity.

We want to acknowledge and offer gratitude to all the Black activists, speakers, artists, and organisers who have been essential to the creation and continuation of the IQPB, and whose unwavering dedication, commitment, practical support, and political analysis are very much seen and appreciated.

There were no arrests at this year’s IQPB, but several incidents occurred during the march — from objects thrown at participants, to sexual harassment and drink spiking. We are grateful to the Ordner*innen, awareness team and protesters who provided support to the best of their ability, but we recognise the need to work on this and be better prepared for next year.

We want to know how IQPB 2023 was for you! So if you’d like to share your thoughts and feelings about IQPB 2023 or help organise IQPB 2024, please get in touch with us at We always welcome and appreciate your feedback.

Let’s keep dreaming and nourishing our movements, and together we can create not only a fierce and fabulous day of protest, but also stronger and more deeply connected networks of queer revolt and resistance.

Echoing the words of Emma Lazarus, Fannie Lou Hamer, Martin Luther King Jr., and Maya Angelou:

None of us are free until all of us are free!

With love, solidarity, and freedom to all of you!

IQPB 2023 Orga Team 

IQPB 2023 Organising Groups:

Berlin Against Pinkwashing
Berlin Migrant Strikers
Bloque Latinoamericano
Group Seiba
Jewish Bund
Kali Feminists
Migrantifa Berlin

IQPB 2023 Blocks and Speeches:

Anti-Caste Bloc
Armenia & Artsakh Bloc
Black Liberation Collective Bloc
Bloque Latinoamericano – Abya Yala Bloc
Casa Kuà
Central Asian Queers Bloc
COVID Safe(r) and Disability Justice Bloc
Dalit Queer Project
Decolonoize Bloc
Franziska Biberkopf
International Women* Space
Jewish Bund
Justice for Papatya Bloc
Klasse gegen Klasse Bloc
Kurdish Bloc
Lecsó – Central European and Roma Bloc
Marokkueer ZAWYA
Palestinian Bloc
Queer Asian Bloc
Queer Sudanese Bloc
Sanam trans* collective
Sex Worker Action Group
Trans/TINA* Bloc

IQPB 2023 Performers:

Berlin Strippers Collective
Canan and AZ (Queeraspora)
DJ Grace Kelly
Pacha Queer
Queer Falafel

Photography above by montecruzphotodoc, iqpberlin

published 26/08/2023


This is a love letter!

Our precious & beloved communities of radical, anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist queers; and our dear allies. We did it! IQPB is officially a Berlin tradition.

Thank you for being there, at IQPB, and in this world. IQPB is a day to celebrate our defiant existence and rebellious resistance, to celebrate the work we do all year round. A day for those working hard to link struggles, to amplify the voices of Global Majority communities, to challenge one another, to learn and unlearn from each other. A day to celebrate those who are building and living a world centered on love. On our love for freedom, our love for justice, our love for ourselves, and our love for each other. It is a day to celebrate all of you, all of us!

This year’s IQPB was organised by a web of individuals and groups: Berlin Against Pinkwashing, FACQ Berlin, Group Seiba, QUARC Berlin, Bloque Latinoamericano, Berlin Migrant Strikers, Jewish Bund, Kali Feminists, and Migrantifa Berlin. IQPB 2022 featured 16 official blocks: Disability Pride Block, Black Queer Block, Sex Workers Block, Asian Queer Pride Block, Anti-Caste Block, Sahrawi Block for Liberation, Lubunya Block, Ararat Block, Kurdish Block, Palestinian FLINTA* Block, Jewish Bund Block, Block for Refugee & Migrant Justice, Slava Block, Bloque Latinoamericano, Anarchist CSD Block, Lecsó Central European and Rroma Block. On the streets we saw how so many of you formed organic and self-organized blocks and shook the streets with chanting, dancing, music, powerful (and hilarious) banners, performances, hugs and collective power. After months of very hard work to make IQPB happen, and despite our tired hearts and bodies, seeing you on the streets, loud and proud, rebelliously angry and defiantly happy; has filled our hearts with happiness, our souls with empowerment, and our eyes with tears of joy. Thank you!

Your love and support, and your presence – on the streets and across borders – have helped us through a barrage of hate messages, racist comments, wishes of death against us, calls for our deportation, homonationalist racism, white German supremacy, fabricated accusations, and intimidation efforts. On the streets we saw how, once again, the (uninvited and unwelcomed) police, targeted and harassed the Kurdish Block. We saw how they intimidated people by walking on both sides of the accessibility van which was meant as a place of rest for those who need it.  We saw how the usual gangs of holier-than-thou Germans roamed around the Palestinian block with their aggressive stares, and how photographers hired to slander us pointed their invasive cameras against us. Little did they know their petty, yet dangerous, attempts to intimidate us will only strengthen our determination & solidarity. Together, we are stronger and more powerful (and more fabulous).

Year after year, together with you, and other BIPoC-centric & BIPoC-lead networks and groups in Berlin, we are reclaiming the space that is ours in this city. We are not, and we will not be diversity guests at White German events, be it cis-het or gay/lesbian, be it leftist or neoliberal! We will not be silenced nor be tamed tokens while listening to others dissect our identities, our bodies, our lives and our deaths. We quote our dear siblings from the Sex Workers Block “Nothing about us, without us!” (a slogan also commonly used in disability activism). We are the heartbeats of the streets of Berlin. We are the narrative and we are the storytellers. We are the colors, the voices, the raised fists, the defiant faces, one body with a thousand limbs and a thousand capacities and disabilities, proudly and lovingly joined in one collective dance of defiance and celebration. A march for liberation, for all of us, each one of us, and for those who were taken away from us, and those who couldn’t be with us.

Though we can’t respond to every comment, tag, message, and email. We are reading them and sharing them with the IQPB team. We are extremely grateful for your love and support, and for being here, for us and with us.

To our team, to the various working groups, to IQPB Awareness and Ordner:innen teams the day of the march, to those who held the ropes, our drivers, our lawyer, Soundsysters, Lauti MCs, speakers, our sign-language interpreter, the artists, those of you who brought us snacks and water, those who made music, drew banners, respectfully took photos and videos, and filled the streets. Those who cheered us, and those who gave us constructive criticism. We love you! You make IQPB what it is.

With much love, in solidarity and constant rebellion. No Pasarán!

IQPB Orga team.

If you want to help make IQPB 2023 happen, join our email list by writing to



We are trying to make this protest as accessible as possible. The Hermannplatz U-Bahn and Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn stations both have elevators. The U-Bahn station at Moritzplatz does not have an elelvator. Find up-to-date information about available services at the following BVG station links: Hermanplatz, Kottbusser Tor, Moritzplatz.

There is a medic team at the demo.

We also have a support vehicle at the back of the demo that can seat 7 people for anyone who needs a rest or is not able to walk for the whole march.

We have a DGS interpreter who will interpret speeches.

Ordner:innen and the Orga Team are carrying masks. While we do not enforce mask wearing, we encourage everyone to wear them to protect everyone in our community.

Ordner:innen are also carrying ear plugs for you to use.

More info on Covid-19 guidelines, and access to water and toilets along the demo route will be announced soon on our social media.

If you have any specific access needs or questions about accessibility, please email us at and we will do our best to accomodate you.


Corona Guidelines

Covid-19 is a social justice issue that overwhelmingly touches queer people, especially from communities of color, migrant communities, working-class communities, communities fighting against colonialism and war, the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions and other vulnerabilities.

Our pride march is attended by many that are suffering from these vulnerabilities. So we will be walking in solidarity and care towards each other. By joining our pride march you agree to get tested for covid-19 on the same day and if you are feeling ill or have any covid, mpx or other symptoms we ask you to please not join the demo.

While masks will not be enforced, they are encouraged. Ordner*innen and the organizing team will also carry some extra masks: please ask them for these if you need them. We ask you to wear one to protect disabled queers and the most vulnerable in our community.

Solidarity and mutual care is our biggest strength. Let’s keep each other safe!


Opening speech 2022

Official opening speech for IQPB 2022

Hello from the orga team of the Internationalist Queer Pride 2022! The second IQPB, a revolutionary, queer-led protest that reclaims our voices and reaffirms our presence in Berlin!  We are queer and trans groups and individuals, connected by the same goal: a transformed world where all of us live free from oppression and discrimination; where our sexualities are freely expressed and explored; where our identities are self-determined; where our bodies — and all bodies — are free to be, to choose, to move; where we care for each other; where there are no borders, no weapons, no cops; A world organized around well-being. 

We come together with our bodies, our voices, and our struggles to connect, to be in solidarity, and to build collective empowerment. Through our queerness, we imagine and define alternative ways of being, of living, of organizing. In the face of warfare and fascism, we stand firm in our determination to survive and thrive, united in revolutionary love and solidarity.

Our queerness opposes the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the very few, who profit from centuries of exploitation, genocide, war, and colonialism. We support the struggles of those subjected to colonial order. We demand justice and reparations for the damages that Europe and the EU have inflicted on the global majority. 

We are in solidarity with liberation, freedom, and justice struggles from around the world.
In Abya Yala
In Turtle Island
In Western Sahara
In Palestine
In Kurdistan
In Darfur
In Aotearoa
In Tamil Eelam
In Kashmir
In West Papua
With the Aboriginal peoples of Australia
With the Amazigh
With the Mapuche
With the Uyghur
With all who resist colonial violence!

We condemn the instrumentalization of queer rights and identities to pinkwash nationalist and colonial projects. Germany and the EU use our rights for their political and economic agendas when convenient, yet they sponsor and give political cover to homophobic, transphobic and anti-feminist regimes. Our rights and lives are not pawns for German foreign policy. We demand Germany and the EU stop sponsoring regimes that violate our existence.

Our queer liberation is rooted in anti-militarism, anti-policing, and anti-war activism. We don’t just want marriage, we want the abolition of white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy and all its institutions!

We denounce the German and EU/US weapon industries. We denounce their support for repressive governments and dictatorships, fueling civil conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. 

We condemn the horrendous war on Ukraine, and we stand in full solidarity with the Ukrainian people.
Yet we note the hypocrisy and double standards of Western countries. Not only in relation to other wars and injustices, but also in the racist discrimination against BIPoC and third-country refugees from Ukraine. The ongoing violence against BIPoC communities, from the Afghan refugees at the Belarussian-Polish border to those left to drown in the Mediterranean or pushed to their death by the Libyan mercenaries and Frontex.

Borders kill! The Ausländerbehörde and Germany’s anti-migrant policies kill!
All people are legal. All people have the right to live with dignity.
We must abolish the border regime! Everyone must have access to residency and freedom of movement.

As queers we know the dangerous impacts of policing. The police do not keep us safe. We have been the target of police violence. We have been the target of social, medical, and economic policing of our bodies, our identities, our expressions. We oppose the policing of our voices.
We demand a queer world without policing of any form!

Trans-exclusionary and far-right groups are fanning the flames of hate. Trans women and trans femmes are targets for exclusion, violence and femicide, even in spaces that claim to be “safer.” We mourn too many of our trans sisters—like Ella here in Berlin—killed by a transmisogynist, classist, and racist system. We demand to be treated with respect and an unconditional right to self-determination, regardless of residence status, gender performance, or social background.

We demand protection for intersex people from non-consensual surgeries intended to violently force our bodies into a binary norm. Intersex bodies are not shameful.

We demand self-determination and a free, unprejudiced health system for all bodies and gender identities.

We stand in solidarity with all sex workers, many of whom are trans, queer, migrant, disabled, sole caregivers, and/or BIPoC, in their fight against stigma and against laws that make their work unsafe and illegal. We demand the decriminalization of sex work.

There are no bad whores, only bad laws!

Like our bodies, our lives, and our desires, our environment has been exploited and oppressed. Climate justice can start only with the acknowledgment that the climate emergency we are in is the consequence of 500+ years of colonialism, capitalism, and extractive politics in global majority countries. We must move beyond 1.5-degree policies and greenwashing. We demand socio-ecological transformation.

We demand affordable housing and the re-communalization set in motion by DW enteignen. Housing is a basic human right!

We demand an education that respects all genders and affirms the exploration and development of our identities and sexualities.

We demand a world where our bodies are not valued by their ability to contribute to capital. A world where our abilities and disabilities, visible and invisible, are not a reason to be excluded from society. Where our physical, emotional or mental health, stop being reasons for marginalization and stigma. Wear your masks!

We demand decriminalization, an end to stigmatization, and guaranteed free access to abortion. 
We demand agency and self-determination over our bodies and identities.
We demand guaranteed free access for everyone to a healthcare that affirms our bodies.

We demand a world without borders.
We demand a world without policing.
We fight for an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist world.

We demand a world centered on love. On our love for freedom, our love for justice, our love for ourselves, and our love for each other. A world where we thrive together and not at the expense of others, be it humans, the environment or other creatures.

None of us are free until all of us are free!

Have a rebellious, safe and fun Internationalist Queer Pride March for Liberation 2022. Remember! Always anti-colonial, always anti-racist, always anti-capitalist, proud queers!

Whose streets?
Our streets!

Whose streets?
Our streets! 


Route, Toilets and water

The title in the upper left corner reads "IQPB 2022 ROUTE - TOILETS" and shows the routhe as well as nearby toilets marked. The list of locations is found in text below the image. The route depicted on a satellite map image starts from Herrmannplatz, walking northwards onto Kottbusser Damm until Kottbusser Tor. From there, the march turns right onto Skalitzer Straße until Görlitzer Bahnhof. Then it turns left onto Oranienstraße and ends in Oranienplatz.

List of toilets along / close to the route

  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet (entrance fee) at Hermannplatz (corner Sonnenallee / Kottbusser Damm)
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet (entrance fee) at Planufer 5
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet (entrance fee) at Lausitzer Platz 8A
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet (free) at Mariannenplatz 2
  • Toilet at Waldemarstr. 57
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet (entrance fee) at corner Mariannenplatz / Waldemarstraße
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet (entrance fee) at Oranienplatz (across the street from Oranienplatz 1)
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet (free) at Prinzessinnenstraße 16
Map of the route (Hermannplatz > Kottbusser Tor > Görlitzer Bahnhof > Oranienplatz) with nearby places to refill water marked. The list of locations is found in text below the image.

List of places to refill drinking water along / close to the route

  • Water fountain at corner Hobrechtstraße / Weserstraße
  • Biosphäre Neukölln, Weserstraße 212
  • Refugio Café, Lenaustraße 4
  • Café Universo, Lenaustraße 5
  • Water fountain at Hohenstaufenplatz by Kottbusser Damm
  • She said, Kottbusser Damm 79
  • Biocompany, Kottbusser Damm 91/92
  • denn’s Biomarkt, Kottbussser Damm 3
  • Radspannerei, Kottbusser Str. 8
  • Water fountain at Kottbusser Tor (by Kottbusser Straße 25 / Reichenberger Straße 18)
  • Multilayerladen, Adalbertstraße 4
  • Biocompany, Skalitzer Straße 127
  • Klas Bäckerei, Naunynstraße 2
  • Das Café Frühstückshaus, Oranienstraße 177
  • kinderlabor curioso, Waldemarstraße 57
  • Water fountain on Mariannenplatz, close to corner Mariannenplatz / Muskauer Straße

Looking for Volunteers

Want to help us reclaim pride and bring together Berlin’s radical queer, anti-colonial and anti-racist communities? We want you to join us! We are looking for people to join our Awareness teams for our Internationalist Queer Pride for Liberation!

We especially encourage BIPoC and 2SLGBTQIA+ people. Allies, including white and cishet people who share our liberation politics, are also very welcome to support us. No prior experience necessary!


Get in touch via instagram or twitter!

You can also write an email to


Flags and uniforms

We invite flags and symbols that represent antiracist, indigenous, anticolonial, queer*trans*feminist, anti-ableist and/or workers’ struggles and resistance. Military and police uniforms are not welcome.


Photos at the demo

Please respect the privacy of everyone attending the demo. Take photos from the back, and don’t include people’s faces or any identifiable features.

If you want to photograph someone’s face, or another identifying feature,
ask first! Only take the photo if you have their explicit consent.

Members of the official pride media team will be wearing vests showing they are part of the demo team. Let them know if you don’t want to be filmed or photographed.


Awareness statement

It is a priority for us to ensure that our pride march is a safer space for our community. In this spirit, we do not welcome people with exclusionary, racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, national or right-wing views, placards, or statements.

Transphobia and any kind of anti-trans hostility has no place in queer liberation or in feminism. Trans Exclusionary Radical “Feminists” are not welcome at our march.

There is no liberation for any of us without Palestinian liberation. The so-called anti-Deutsche are not welcome at this event.

We stand for decriminalization of sex work and oppose politics that stigmatize and vulnerate sex workers’ safety and rights. Groups who are against sex workers’ rights are not welcome at the march.

The internationalist queer pride will have a dedicated and clearly visible “awareness team” to ensure as much as possible the safety of our attendeeds. We are not able to guarantee the safety of patiticpants, but will do all in our power to ensure that our community feels safe, protected, and empowered on this day of pride and protest.