This is a love letter!

Our precious & beloved communities of radical, anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist queers; and our dear allies. We did it! IQPB is officially a Berlin tradition.

Thank you for being there, at IQPB, and in this world. IQPB is a day to celebrate our defiant existence and rebellious resistance, to celebrate the work we do all year round. A day for those working hard to link struggles, to amplify the voices of Global Majority communities, to challenge one another, to learn and unlearn from each other. A day to celebrate those who are building and living a world centered on love. On our love for freedom, our love for justice, our love for ourselves, and our love for each other. It is a day to celebrate all of you, all of us!

This year’s IQPB was organised by a web of individuals and groups: Berlin Against Pinkwashing, FACQ Berlin, Group Seiba, QUARC Berlin, Bloque Latinoamericano, Berlin Migrant Strikers, Jewish Bund, Kali Feminists, and Migrantifa Berlin. IQPB 2022 featured 16 official blocks: Disability Pride Block, Black Queer Block, Sex Workers Block, Asian Queer Pride Block, Anti-Caste Block, Sahrawi Block for Liberation, Lubunya Block, Ararat Block, Kurdish Block, Palestinian FLINTA* Block, Jewish Bund Block, Block for Refugee & Migrant Justice, Slava Block, Bloque Latinoamericano, Anarchist CSD Block, Lecsó Central European and Rroma Block. On the streets we saw how so many of you formed organic and self-organized blocks and shook the streets with chanting, dancing, music, powerful (and hilarious) banners, performances, hugs and collective power. After months of very hard work to make IQPB happen, and despite our tired hearts and bodies, seeing you on the streets, loud and proud, rebelliously angry and defiantly happy; has filled our hearts with happiness, our souls with empowerment, and our eyes with tears of joy. Thank you!

Your love and support, and your presence – on the streets and across borders – have helped us through a barrage of hate messages, racist comments, wishes of death against us, calls for our deportation, homonationalist racism, white German supremacy, fabricated accusations, and intimidation efforts. On the streets we saw how, once again, the (uninvited and unwelcomed) police, targeted and harassed the Kurdish Block. We saw how they intimidated people by walking on both sides of the accessibility van which was meant as a place of rest for those who need it.  We saw how the usual gangs of holier-than-thou Germans roamed around the Palestinian block with their aggressive stares, and how photographers hired to slander us pointed their invasive cameras against us. Little did they know their petty, yet dangerous, attempts to intimidate us will only strengthen our determination & solidarity. Together, we are stronger and more powerful (and more fabulous).

Year after year, together with you, and other BIPoC-centric & BIPoC-lead networks and groups in Berlin, we are reclaiming the space that is ours in this city. We are not, and we will not be diversity guests at White German events, be it cis-het or gay/lesbian, be it leftist or neoliberal! We will not be silenced nor be tamed tokens while listening to others dissect our identities, our bodies, our lives and our deaths. We quote our dear siblings from the Sex Workers Block “Nothing about us, without us!” (a slogan also commonly used in disability activism). We are the heartbeats of the streets of Berlin. We are the narrative and we are the storytellers. We are the colors, the voices, the raised fists, the defiant faces, one body with a thousand limbs and a thousand capacities and disabilities, proudly and lovingly joined in one collective dance of defiance and celebration. A march for liberation, for all of us, each one of us, and for those who were taken away from us, and those who couldn’t be with us.

Though we can’t respond to every comment, tag, message, and email. We are reading them and sharing them with the IQPB team. We are extremely grateful for your love and support, and for being here, for us and with us.

To our team, to the various working groups, to IQPB Awareness and Ordner:innen teams the day of the march, to those who held the ropes, our drivers, our lawyer, Soundsysters, Lauti MCs, speakers, our sign-language interpreter, the artists, those of you who brought us snacks and water, those who made music, drew banners, respectfully took photos and videos, and filled the streets. Those who cheered us, and those who gave us constructive criticism. We love you! You make IQPB what it is.

With much love, in solidarity and constant rebellion. No Pasarán!

IQPB Orga team.

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